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May 03, 2014

What Is Phishing And How To Be Safe From Phishing ?

What is Phishing ?

                    Phishing is simply one of the type of hacking . It is a method of acquiring sensitive information such as username, password, etc.Phishing page could be saif as an duplicate page of real one. Its look exactly similar as the real page.But when user enter sensitive information on such page his information is send to the E-mail address provided in the phishing page or you can say the one who created that phishing page. Phishing page is mostly send via mail. Target of phishing are mostly facebook, gmail, etc. 

    Example of Phishing scams:

         1) Email asking you to login to your locked account to unlock it.

         2) Email carrying a Link to sites like Facebook,yahoo etc and asking you to Login.

         3) Emails containing some Information of your Interest and asking you to Login to Your Account.
     How to be safe from phishing ?

        1) Never login to any of your account through link provided in the Email.

        2) Go to real website dont click on any link posted anywhere. such as link posted on your               facebook wall by friend or link provided in comments or link to certain website on any                 blog.

        3) Check the URL of website before entering any sensitive information. Because the URL of             phishing page is not same as the URL of  real one.Real gmail page looks like gmail.com                 while phishing looks different somthing like gmail.anything.com
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